Here are my 5 top reasons why having a home office can help improve your  life.

Peaceful Workplace

Working from a kitchen table at home can be mentally exhausting.  With family life going on around you, tv blaring in the background and children running around.  Being able to shut the door and distance yourself from the home distractions will be the start of a good working day.

Ability to work from home 

With the demand from employees ever growing, having a designated office will help show your employer how serious and committed you are about working from home.

Creative Environment

Planning and building your own office space to how it works best for you.  Not everyone suits working in the same environment.  Some people work best with music playing, where others prefer silence.  Working in the environment that suits you will help boost your working productivity.

More quality family time

Although working from home doesn’t automatically mean you get to spend the day with your family, what it does give you more quality time in the morning before work and evening after work.  You are not having to spend the extra hours commuting to and from work.  You can be home for breakfast and get involved with the bedtime routine.


Not only is adding a home office to your home a family investment, it is also a financial investment. With the ever-increasing number of people wanting to work from home, there is no doubt having an office will help with the resale value and desirability of your home if you choose to sell you property.

If you are struggling with space inside, why not make use of your outside space and have a unique and personal designed Garden Office.  Here at Grand Spaces we can provide you with a bespoke office to suit your needs and budget and best of all no planning permission is required. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligatory chat.